Wednesday, May 06, 2015

On The Train Home

I sat next to a young man on the train home who subjected me to a rant that included his voting intentions being UKIP and his sympathies being with the EDL. He was articulate but had a tendency to want to shout me down even though I wasn't shouting; he decided to follow me off the train to continue the one-sided argument.
He was just telling me what a wonderful man Farage is and I was just responding with the story of my foster-cousin being physically manhandled by UKIP's evil cohorts in Margate, when he rapidly disappeared up the stairs at the station in a flap and flurry of free London evening newspaper that I don't read any more because of its politics.
There at the bottom of the stairs stood three community policemen.
Maybe I had a lucky escape.


A Fan said...

Why didn't you ask him to buy you a tea/coffee?

Anonymous said...

why didn't you 'push him off the train'