Friday, May 29, 2015

Getting Ready for the Union Chapel

I know it, I know it... today I will have almost finished marking (three more things to do) and this evening I can indulge in a bit of rehearsing for the gig tomorrow night at the Union Chapel.
At home I have a Spanish guitar constantly on the go (I'm one of those annoying players who sits and mucks about with the guitar while the TV is on) but it's a different shape to the electric so I have to get used to that: the electric has a narrower neck, lower action (the strings are closer to the fretboard) and the frets are in different positions. 
If you're not careful, you wildly overshoot where you're supposed to be and play a chord a tone or a semitone higher or lower. The electric guitar is also heavier and smaller; it's actually a completely different instrument even though you play the same songs on it.
Any requests for tomorrow night (within reason)?
I'm really excited about the gig because I love the Union Chapel. One gig I went to was entirely dry and we all had cups of tea and people came round and collected the cups in big basket afterwards.
Shall I crack open a ludicrously loud shirt? If it's not raining perhaps I shall. I'll get the butler to choose a selection and lay them out in the dressing room for me while I have my eyelashes curled.
Martin and his crew are driving down in convoy from Bedale tomorrow (they are playing a festival there tonight) and we'll then head down for the sound check. The Blinking' Buzzards are promoting the gig- they are the guys who run the Kalamazoo Klub and they will be playing too. Lots of music; where's me guitar?

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Wilky of St Albans said...

Requests? Yeah, I'd like to hear 'locked out' some time. Probably 35 years since I've heard it but I can still sing the chorus. Does your heart still beat loud and are you still too proud to bang on the window cos you're locked out...???