Saturday, May 02, 2015

Come Dine With Me

I'm a total sucker for the Saturday omnibus of Come Dine With Me. Sometimes I just slob out with a bag of mini-poppadoms after a morning of housework. Today, I've spent the day reading academic books and taking notes, so it was case of getting out the ironing board, dashing away with the smoothing iron, and guffawing at it all.
Today's weirdo was an extremely narcissistic fingerprint expert and fitness entrepreneur who was a really bad loser. If he hadn't got his victims, I mean guests, to do an endurance competition where they had to see who could hold the 'plank' yoga pose for longest in between the main course and dessert, he would have won.
They were a good-natured bunch (compared to some) and at the end, they all chanted 'Loo-zerrrrr' at him (good-naturedly). Sounds mean but if you'd seen the huge blown-up black and white semi-nude photo that he had hung above the bed in the guest room, you might have laughed too. Not quite down to the low standard of the meanie participant who cut off the heads of the tined asparagus and threw them away, but almost!
Students play this game. They turn their beds upside down, use a sheet for the tablecloth, and actually by all accounts they are rather good at it; they completely 'get' the idea of cooking according to their cultural background, whether that be India or Scotland, and it makes a lot of sense to cook for a crowd of seven once a week. Roll on communality (said the recluse!).


Wilky of St Albans said...

saturady mornings should be set aside for the repeats of Rumpole of the Bailey on Drama when they can be bothered to show it. A very young Elizabeth Hurley in one episode last week. Then she wore a dress and gave up acting

Helen McCookerybook said...

I didn't realise that was on!