Monday, April 27, 2015

The Disability Rocks Gig, Tatton Park

It was a chilly and overcast day, but this wan't reflected in the mood of the punters. Hay bales were lined up in front of the stage and there were lots of tents where drumming, singing, food and other things were happening. Tattoo Park is gorgeous. On the way in, we passed dark brown hairy deer on the right hand side and beige smoothie deer on the left. There were a few sheep, looking confused.
We scoffed some chips and drank some tea, then I hopped on to the stage and sang to a group of people that included a dog called Starsky whose tail wagged along to the music. I had a friend in the front row, Anne, who was having a lovely time and who told me that she was in love, so I sang some songs specially for her. As I sang, giant bubbles drifted past in the distance making the afternoon feel like magic.
Then Martin and Jim played an uplifting set that combined some old Daintees favourites with some high-energy fingerpicking' songs. During his set there was a running joke with people in the front row making wigs with straw from the bales, much to everyone's amusement.
Singing and playing outdoors is really special, and this was a very special group of people.
There is a whole series of these gigs all over the country that welcome people of all kinds to join together and enjoy live music, comedians, jugglers and so on. I loved the escapologist but I guessed how he did it (not telling). If you want to find a festival near you, look here


A Spectator said...

I got 'food poisoning' after eating an Ice Cream..............
(Two Scoop Double Choc w' Hundreds & Thousands)

A Punter said...

& the 'Beer Tent' had ran out of lager after the 1st hour!