Friday, April 03, 2015


Like many academics, I'm working today catching up on emails, sorting out books, and all that lark.
In between, I'm ruminating. On Wednesday I toyed with the idea of queuing up for last minute tickets for the Mahogonny opera at the Royal Opera House. But I had an unexpected (and very welcome) visitor so I didn't go. The whole area burst into flames later that day and is still burning, underground. Apparently the ROH isn't affected but I imagine it could very well have been closed down that night. I stayed in an watched The Mighty Wind instead. And laughed a lot.
The printer/scanner I bought over a year ago has resolutely refused to scan anything, ever, and during lengthy and fruitless online advice sessions, I've been sitting upstairs in front of the ole computer waiting for various things to download.
Through the rainy atmosphere, I could hear very faintly the congregation of St John's Church singing their Easter hymns. Their voices swelled in unison: 'Rah, rah, rah, rah!', blown a bit by the wind and interrupted by the whooshing of passing cars, but still quite emotionally moving.
Easter this year will as always be a solitary affair. I will walk, think and watch out for signs of spring everywhere; the dark burden of winter has shifted and life feels fresh, free and exciting.

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