Thursday, March 19, 2015

Writey Graft

Graftology perhaps; I'm doing at least two hours' writing every day. I'm at nearly 20,000 words, excluding the interviews. Painfully slowly, it's all crystallising out. I do hope somebody wants to publish it.
Two years ago it had a home, but that was two years ago and a combination of circumstances mean that I've been slower than I meant to be in finishing it.
I'm learning not to get sidetracked in the discourse, and I'm re-learning how to edit in a slash-and-burn mode (about 500 words binned today).
I have moved the pedal-driven computer upstairs into the sunshine of the Offsprogs' room and that helps. There is more space up there although it's messier (my fault because the eBay stash is there plus piles of books and photocopied articles), and when I daydream I can look out of the window at the street instead of at a wall, which is much more productive in terms of dreaminess.
Distractions like Facebook and this blog don't work so well up there as the operating system struggles with the internet, so the computer's a bit of a typewriter really; it clicks rather than clacks and doesn't drill holes in the paper the way my old typewriter did, but nor does it try to divert attention away from the task in hand.
I have found a section of writing that needs to be supported and reinforced, and I've found the reinforcements. That will do for tomorrow's writey graft.

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