Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Zine Fair in Brighton

With a huge painty shelf wedged into the car and a box crammed with Caroline Lucas cupcakes, we pulled up to the neat little Unitarian Church Hall in Brighton's New Road to be met by a crowd of Offsprog One's friends who had come to help. They were really excited and some of the zine sellers were already there to help set up. It went really well: some people sold out really quickly. There was a bread-seller and some visitors even tried to buy the nursery children's paintings of igloos from the wall display. It was a successful day and there was a great atmosphere: well done to Offsprog One for setting it up and to Offsprog Two for making some superb Simpsons t-shirts.
Me and Joan gobbled up a couple of Caroline Lucas cupcakes: mmm lemony! Then it was a nightmare drive back home through lashing rain and strange, drifting orange fog made of mega water droplets from hell, the M25 peppered with crashed and broken down vehicles. My car may be a complete wreck itself, but the good old rust-bucket got me back home safely in the end.
Somewhere along the way I've picked up a virus; I know I'm ill because I had to cancel a day out with Gina after locking myself out of the house, and I can't stop sleeping.

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