Friday, February 20, 2015

The Millionth Marple

I'm trying to work out how many million times I've watched this episode of Miss Marple.
Often, I forget the plots because I'm simply not concentrating. The Offsprogs once told me that I'd watched a Poirot episode many times before, but I didn't remember it probably because mostly with those I'm looking at the clothes.
I think I know whodunnit in this one but I don't know how. There are lots of camp moustaches (toothbrush-style, not beetle-looking ones like Poirot's), some nice wooden furniture, red lipstick on all female mouths, pancake make-up on everyone, unfeasibly green grass (lots of it), stern detectives, and the thread of Mis Marple's quavery voice holding it all together throughout.
Dum de dum. I wonder if there are any crisps left?

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