Friday, February 27, 2015

Thank You, Librarian

The book I needed is £400 on Amazon (not that I use it any more anyway... well, not much).
I managed to find one copy in a library, but it wasn't possible to borrow it.
16 pages into my notebook of scribbles, I realise that the best thing would be to photocopy the whole lot.
(When I did my MA, one of the students did the calculations and discovered that this was cheaper than buying some books).
I went to ask the librarian where the photocopier was situated and explained what I needed to do.
'Oh well: how long do you think you'd need it for?'
'A week'.
'Nobody borrows it any more. I can let you borrow it for that long'.
He even came downstairs and waved it in front of the security bleeper to make sure the alarms didn't go off.
Now that is a kind librarian. Bless your cotton socks, sir.

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