Friday, February 13, 2015

Back To The 1980s I Go

Back to the 1980s I go: the radio is in the kitchen set to play BBC6Radio whenever I want it and the record player is singing merrily along as Cristina's out-of-tune disco ricochets off the kitchen cabinets in a joyously trebly celebration that chases the seeping grey February fog out of the cracks in the back door, back to where it came from.
'Balme it on disco!', trills Cristina. Oh well yes I will, then!
Ping pong go the vibes, thrasha-thrasha goes the brass section, here come the key changes and the drop section... my feet don't fail me now, all the housework is getting done with the rhythm of the cowbell.
God bless vinyl and all who sail with her!

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