Wednesday, February 18, 2015

Article Playlist

I'm at the fact-checking stage after another three hours working this morning. There are two books I need to consult- one extremely rare one that's going for £400 on Amazon, and one that I don't have. So I'm off to the library on Friday. I thought it might be interesting to share the playlist with you. I have really enjoyed writing this article even thought it's been hard work. It's not particularly academic but is more of an attempt to pick a different path through the history of songs than the normal one, and I've listened to some great music on the way through it. It was unexpected to suddenly be asked to finish it, but a refreshing change in directing from the mega-project I've been working on since 2010.

1954 Tubby the Tuba by Danny Kaye  
1966 Under My Thumb by The Rolling Stones
1966 Out of Time by The Rolling Stones
1968 Wet Dream by Max Romeo 
1969 Melting Pot by Blue Mink
1969 The Lemon Song by Led Zeppelin
1970 Black Skin Blue Eyed Boys by The Equals
1970 (To Be) Young, Gifted and Black, by Bob and Marcia
1973 Brother Louie by Hot Chocolate 
1973 Stir it Up by John Holt, Island Records
1973 Funky Kingston by Toots and the Maytals
1973 Can the Can by Susie Quatro
1973 I Shot the Sheriff by Bob Marley
1974 I Shot the Sheriff by Eric Clapton
1974 Devilgate Drive by Susie Quatro
1977 Oh Bondage, Up Yours! By X-Ray Spex
1979 In Love by The Raincoats 
1979 Fairytale in the Supermarket by The Raincoats 
1979 Typical Girls by The Slits
1979 Shoplifting by The Slits
1979 Black Woman by Judy Mowatt
1982 Do You really Want To Hurt Me by Culture Club
1982 Night Nurse by Greg Isaacs
1983 Kill the Police Bill by Ranking Anne


Wilky of St Albans said...

will the 'general public' be allowed to see the article? Is there meant to be a common theme running thought these songs? I thought I saw one, but it wasn't really there. I'm really intrigued.

How did you get on with "where the girls are"?

A 'Clash City Rocker' said...

There is nothing by The Clash in your listings!

foolish girl said...

proof that 1979 was a great year.. and oi oi wilkie x

Helen McCookerybook said...

Hi Wilkie, loved it thank you. I put it on the playlist for Monday but the sound check took a long time and I didn't manage to get it up and running.
There's a skeleton of the article here but I'm working on a longer chapter for an academic journal called Popular Music History.

Wilky of St Albans said...

that was a good read. Never thought about it before. Then again, while punk was happening I was hanging out in Jazz clubs

A Bookworm said...

There is a 2nd hand bookshop right by the Library in West End lane. Perhaps the book you need is in there!