Thursday, February 12, 2015


I must be mad. I woke at five, got up at six and was on my way to the quiet office at work by seven. I had a good couple of hours writing before I had to do the first lecture of the day but by three in the afternoon I had almost completely lost my voice and now I'm sitting like a brainless amoeba on the sofa.
Early, I had an idea about pirate radio and contacted Joly, who used to own Better Badges in Portobello Road; he responded in an instant- what time was it in New York?- with lots of details, including the fact that he had bought his first transmitter form Luke the Duke. I think Luke the Duke's station was called Radio City and it broadcast from the top of a tower block in north west London, not far from where I lived in Kilburn. It was mostly rockabilly- very fine music indeed. I used to listen every Sunday afternoon, until it just vanished off the air. That must have been when he sold the transmitter to Joly!

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