Thursday, January 22, 2015


I have moved my computer to the Offsprogs' room, off the kitchen table which now is beautifully tidy.
There is one minor problem: I don't switch on the radiator in that room unless they are here, in an attempt to keep the bills down, so it's bloody freezing in there. To work, I stuff myself into a few thick cardigans and tap at the keyboards at high speed until I'm done.
This makes me economise on what I do and I've actually been getting up ultra-early to go into work where it is permanently warm, to do all the admin that I used to do at home.
Ultimately, this is probably a good thing; my part-time job has been dribbling into the rest of the week like an ice cream on a hot pavement, and it has now tidied itself into the days that it's supposed to fit into, albeit long ones.
I shall be warming the room up this weekend as I have seven research projects to mark (roughly 7000 words each) and I'm going to be camping out up there for most of the weekend. What a pity I've eaten all the marshmallows!

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