Friday, May 23, 2014

Connecting The Turntable Up

I can't believe it, but I actually finished the marking yesterday evening. I think this may be connected to the huge thunderstorm that happened while I was doing it- an electric surge powered me up to superhuman levels.
The fact that I didn't even notice the thunderstorm due to wearing ear-protectors to aid my concentration is beside the point.
Today has been a rest day- or rather a bits'n'pieces day. I've gazed at car prices. My car is ready to move on but second-hand car prices are just out of reach at the moment. I've put a hold on my gas bill to stop two companies charging me at once (Ovo isn't as shiny as they'd like us to believe). I've sent passport and driving licence photos all over the place, because nobody believes who you are any more. I've been for a long walk with Offsprog One and had lunch with her in a barn. I sorted out the strange look of the Bandcamp page too.
And I've connected up the speakers to the turntable but getting the vinyl out is a process of excavation that I don't feel up to at the moment. But it works! They are funny speakers, with a flat sound for mixing, but I don't mind that because any vinyl is better than no vinyl.
And I did another nice thing this week- making music with Gina Birch: just adding some bits to her tracks for her to deconstruct. The music is fab- at least one of the tracks sounds to me as though it is entirely finished. Some of what I've done is melody, some little harmonies and on Wednesday, beats and a bass-line. Fun- and I've got the beat bug again.

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