Tuesday, April 22, 2014

Mindless TV

After a three-hour lecture with the third years, I left work in a daze and headed home to rest my mind.  Then I got a text from Gina and realised that I should have been at the Horse Hospital to watch Kitty Finer. The head said Not, and so did the body.
How I wish I'd gone. Watching TV does absolutely nothing for the brain.
Did I tell you that the other day I went over to Gina's to sing harmonies over some of the tracks for her new album? There is some lovely music there; I am looking forward to hearing what it all sounds like when it's been through her mixer masher processors!
Soundscapes one day, Peter Seeger another.
Life is a rich tapestry punctuated by mindless TV that is very much a threadbare cushion cover.

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