Monday, March 17, 2014

The Guitar Weekend

Clumsily, I'm typing this with calloused guitar fingers as I return by train from The Guitar Weekend.
There were lots if people there- some new faces but also regulars, Albie, Alan Frame, Graham and of course, Gordon, who as usual stole the evening show by making damn sure his capo was clamped into place for song number two even as the applause for sing number one was in mid flow and the chords for song number one were just dying away.
I loved Christine's song about Newcastle which gave the lie to Tilda Swinton's apparent assertion in this mornings paper that Scottish people love Scotland more than English people love England. It was great to hear Ivan's song about doing his washing in a strangers house by accident, and to hear the myriad ways people use the guitar to make sound and music. And Martin's trio of stars played a rip-roaring set with a particularly beautiful version of Lilac Tree. Andrew got presented with a guitar to say thanks for organising it all so well (he even managed to get those t-shirts printed in time). We all ate too much and some of us (most of us?) drank too much. Numerous stories were told and new friendships were made and old ones revived. As always, the year was restored and everyone went home glowing with good spirits and looking forward to next year.
I will upload the photos later this week!

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