Thursday, March 27, 2014

More Interviews and a Gig

The barrel of interviews for the transcriber is beginning to run dry so I've spent most of this afternoon arranging to top it up. You have a landscape (oh those metaphors!) of people to talk to and then you think laterally and that helps when you get stuck; and then the original interviewees come back into the picture again (sometimes).
I'm going to be presenting a paper on my research at the Studying Music conference (in honour of Simon Frith) in Edinburgh next month and thought it would be great to have some hot-off-the-press (mtphr agn) information to share there.
Ah... a gig... at the Full Stop in Brick Lane on Sunday evening, organised by the other two members of the once Desperado Housewives, Jude Cowan and Kath 'Lentils' Tait.
There will be lots of other people playing and poeting too and it will be free to get in. so come on down: it's Americana themed which means that I'll be playing some skiffle (although that's British, it's got enough American in it and so have I). Starts 8 p.m. and come early to see Kath and Jude.
See ya there, yee-ha!

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