Monday, February 10, 2014

The Lucky Generation

It appears that I belong to a lucky generation, born before 1965, who left University (or College in my case), walked straight into jobs, bought cars and houses, and we have no idea what it is like for our children.
This is news to me. Where's this nonsense coming from? What about the years and years of unemployment some of us experienced as a result of Thatcherism? Starting jobs, only to get the funding pulled on the second day of work, over and over again?
I worked as a cleaner, a breakfast waitress, a barmaid, a veterinary printer, a youth worker, and a database co-ordinator: some of those jobs several times, and none of them (except one, that I was harassed out of) permanent, so all punctuated by long spells on... *whispers* benefits.
I wouldn't swap my life for any other, but let's get history straight: the lack of jobs and opportunities is history repeating itself.

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