Thursday, February 13, 2014

Page 3

Is that going to hook a bunch of Sun-reader browsers?
Who knows.
I have got to page three of my new comic; there are no topless women- well, one almost, actually, on page two being photographed by a pervy photographer.
One more page to go, then a whole load of tidying up and a trip to the local library to reduce it in size and see what it looks like as an A4.
I'm such a graphic designer type that the only reason I drew the strip (funrrr) in A3 size is because that's the size of the paper I had. So sophisticated, non?
The only think I'm fussy about is that the paper must be smooth, which takes W.H. Smith's sketch pads right out of the picture. They downgraded their paper quality and obviously thought that stupid artists wouldn't notice the difference. It's like trying to draw on cotton wool.
The drawings are resting for a few days, for practical reasons (if I rub out the pencil lines and the ink hasn't dried rock-hard, it smudges) and practical reasons (I'm playing in Gateshead tomorrow evening with Martin and Jim). I'm also going to interview a Geordie for my next lot of research: multicultural, hein?
You might notice that there's the odd French word thrown in here and there in this posting; this is possibly because the story I'm working on is actually called Bande Dessinee, which is French for comic strip.

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