Saturday, January 18, 2014


Next door bought a dog. These are tiny houses and not really pet friendly, but that's really their business.
What they don't realise is that whenever they go out (which they seem to do a lot) the dog barks, barks, barks and howls (multiple variations of the howl) for hours at a time. I work at home a lot and I am feeling very sorry for the dog, and sometimes pretty grumpy, especially when the dog in the house on the other side starts howling. The dog on one side is an alto and the dog on the other is a soprano.
The owners of the first dog will get rid of their dog soon, which is another reason why I feel sorry for it. I think they only got it because that's what people do.
The others? Well, it's a thicker wall, I think, or maybe the dog is smaller and older. There's a tremble to it's howl, a desolate wail at its heart rather than the assertive multi-timbral experimentations of the new doggie.
Now I am becoming an expert in howling and I shall shortly be writing an academic paper on the subject, mark my words.

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