Thursday, January 23, 2014

Crass, P*nis Envy

As part of writing, I'm also listening (it's always a good idea).
I was always put off by Crass a bit, back in the day- I can't even remember why.
But I've been listening to the album P*nis Envy, and thoroughly enjoying it. Yes, the vocals more than nod in the direction of Poly and Siouxsie, but that was the sound of the time and the genre and seen from this point in time, they are another take on the same sound that works very successfully especially with the bitter sometimes spoken-word lyrics.
The drumming's great: furious and fast; and what I really enjoyed was the psychedelic guitar sound, which is very unusual for punk records. I am going to listen to it again tomorrow, so long as it doesn't stop me from writing.

This afternoon I went to do a couple of hours' recording at work. There's an amazing valve interface that made my guitar sound wonderful and it was interesting playing about with harmonies. It's too busy there to do any serious recording though, and I have got a feeling that my kitchen studio is going to be where it's at!

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