Monday, December 30, 2013

Lets Go Fly A Kite

Oh.. Sorry... Just watching Mary Poppins for the millionth time! I got a kite for Christmas from the Offsprogs and I can't wait to go fly it, preferably on the beach in Brighton... Or on the common in Barnet perhaps.
Mary Poppins... I mean Maria Von Trapp... I mean Julie Andrews...  is a really good actor, actually. She totally believes in the parts that she plays, whether or not you actually like her and them.
What a lazy Christmas and New Year combo this is proving to be! I have actually done some work today after getting up stupidly early; then the girls' first child-minder came round with her family and it was lovely to see her again. She has become a Maths lecturer and she is doing really well with that, and her family have become British citizens (they came from Hungary). It is not the easiest thing in the world to integrate into British society; in one horrendous episode her husband was arrested for no reason at all along with a whole lot of other men, and imprisoned without explanation. Yes, here in the cosy United Kingdom. He was released the next day, but this is a hostile country in many ways, not least for those of  our own citizens who can not sustain themselves financially, usually through no fault of their own.
I can't stop thinking about this, I'm sorry. The problems of our very poorest people are swept under the carpet all the time and this winter is so dreadful. I am trying to convince the girls that the world will become a better place in 2014. I do hope so, so very much.

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