Thursday, December 05, 2013

In the Midst of It All

I sat last night for nearly three hours transcribing the recording of an interview with Zillah Ashworth of Rubella Ballet. She is a very interesting person and I have their latest CD to review after I've had a good listen.
I am currently writing a chapter for a book on anarcho punk and I had been stuck, but the interview is going to re-energise me, I know. I'm just about to edit the writing that I've done so far (not much) and I have a large pile of books to read, and more on the way.
An three theses to read by Tuesday.
And an all-day assessment on Monday.
And a gig on Sunday!
The CDs are on their way down from Hull (City of Culture 2018) and should arrive tomorrow, storm surges permitting. I called Martin and he's OK- he has electricity but I don't think many people in the Highlands have been out and about.
Meanwhile, the pots are a clatterin' on the stove as I'm cooking dinner for Offsprog One who will have worked a 12 hour shift today.
It's all go.

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