Sunday, December 22, 2013

Ee, the Geordie Chord

I have seen some amazing music over the past few days; after the London gigs, where Hannah and the Relatives supported The Daintees with their new take on country-rockabilly (Hannah Rickard has a fabulous voice, a cross between Patsy Kline and Doris Day, but better still than that), The Old Town Quartet supported them at Leeds Brudenell. The Quartet gesture a cello being played sometimes as a cello and sometimes as a mini double bass, a banjo or guitar, and some lovely harmonies from the guys. Both bands feature some strong song writing.
At The Daintees gig at The Cluny, support artist Pauline Murray ( of Penetration) played a solo set that demonstrated her increasing confidence since the last time I saw her in the Art Gallery in Gateshead. We talked of doing another gig with Viv Albertine and Gina Birch, maybe in London this time. I wonder if we could fill The Lexington?
Newcastle is stormy but beautiful as ever. I'm having a night in with Poirot and a chocolate reindeer. Which has unaccountably lost its chocolte head already. How come I though I could get through this Christmas without putting on the chub

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