Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Arrgh Moments

I've had a few this week, and I literally spat out the words 'For fxxx sake', at maximum volume in the bogs at work yesterday. I am normally such a polite person. It wasn't anything to do with work, and I'm in the realms of confidentiality here but  it was when someone nearly blew a chance big-time and sent me a text telling me so at one of my more vulnerable moments- you know, in the bogs at work.

Home has shrunk immeasurably too; there are masses of boxes and more to come.
I said goodbye to the Duplo this week. I have been sentimentally attached to it ever since the girls were tiny. I remember looking at my nephew's Duplo before Offsprog One was born and thinking 'I want some of that'. I imagined life in the old people's home, sitting building coloured houses for baby tigers to live in out of big, chunky yellow and red plastic blocks. I was mourning the Duplo baby tigers on the tube home from work today.
Then I got  a grip. Offsprog One persuaded me that it would be better to give it to the hospital and I phoned the children's ward. She took the whole plastic sackful up there and said that they were delighted to receive it; so now we can think of poorly children making the tiger-houses and enjoying the Duplo just as much as we did.
I've still got the Lego though!

Meanwhile, the house is gently falling to bits. Nobody wants to come to repair little houses. All the workmen round here have grand fishes to fry. Draughts whistle round our ears and the house trembles when you sneeze. Almost.

In a few weeks those boxes will have been unpacked, edited (two bags of our stuff have already gone to charity shops and there is more to go), and we should, I hope, have settled into some sort of routine. Funny that we both go off to rehearsals (as I call them) or band practice (as she calls them).
Next gig is in Huddersfield supporting Martin: details on the Reverbnation page just up there. 
I hope to be doing some recording with him soon- as producer as well as guitarist.

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