Saturday, October 26, 2013


The wind is rattling the windows but I'm not sure if I believe in the impending hurricane. Am I doing a Fish? Tomorrow will tell.
I have a few new songs on the go and a set of fancy chords waiting for the song to arrive. I've been singing.
I've had a day off today although I did spend an hour preparing Monday's lecture.
I read the newspaper from cover to cover, bought a new crime novel in the British Heart Foundation shop, where the books are arranged in alphabetical order of author's surname and are therefore much easier to browse.
I spoke to Martin for a time on the phone; he's playing in Cumbernauld
I hauled the Dyson round the house (aren't they heavy?) and I did some laundry. I went into town and bought a birthday present for my sister, dodging raindrops as I hopped between shops.
I saw how many times I could write 'I' in a blog posting while listing semi-boring activities.
I watched back-to-back Come Dine With Me and then Inspector Montalbano.
Now I'm looking at the book pile, because tomorrow I start to organise my next large research project in earnest.

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