Saturday, October 05, 2013

Conference Paper

This is another working weekend; the two previous ones I've been writing lectures and troubleshooting, but this one I am revamping a conference paper, tidying it up and updating it.
That meant three hours this afternoon and probably the same tomorrow; but in spite of the fact that the world of music is clamouring at me from it's bubble, I have to do it and it's rather absorbing.
I've lost my voice anyway. I tried to sing last night but presenting three-hour lectures and workshops means that the vocal chords need a rest and that's just what they are doing.
My house is collapsing under piles of books. I don't know how I've managed to amass quite so many (well, I do: the free bookshop and the fact that so many of these titles are not too popular and the cheapest one was a penny!)
I feel like a pressure cooker. A new song is bubbling away but I'm not letting it out till I'm ready. I keep playing guitar so the ends of my fingers stay tough and don't soften up, but it's the stuff that's already there and not new compositions.

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