Sunday, October 27, 2013

Busy Exchange, 3 a.m.

I just found a load of soundtracks that I programmed in about 1999 in my lunch hours at work. I had been asked for some demos for a football series; they got rejected but this one was used on TV for an animation about ginger-haired people. It's the jolliest one- the others are rather dark.
I've really enjoyed transferring these to Logic Audio this evening because I could only remember doing about two of them. There are six altogether, I think, and I'll upload them after I've EQ-ed them and compressed them (they sound a little lively).
It was such fun making this sort of music and at the time I never dreamed that I'd pick up a guitar again; I'd been doing loads of soundtracks and eventually stopped even doing that because I was teaching full-time and lost all my networks of film-makers; I just couldn't do all that and be a mum to two little girls as well.
This tune makes me feel ridiculously happy even now and I am deeply tempted to set up the JV1080 and have a week of playing about. The Logic edit pages have changed but I am sure I can remember how to do it.

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