Sunday, September 29, 2013

Sassafras And Moonshine: The Songs Of Laura Nyro

So the Powerpoint for tomorrow got finished and printed; over to housework and ironing for a spell, and listening.
I was sent this early last week; its an Ace compilation and I was not familiar with Laura Nyro's songs.
My head was in a different place and at first I thought this was Laura Nyro herself.
I couldn't work out why she hopped from style to style... and what a versatile singer!
Finally, seated at the table in front of the computer, I realised that this is a compilation of lots of different artists covering her songs.
It's actually really good: Mama Cass is here, Thelma Houston, the Staples Singers, the Supremes.
Some of the tracks veer dangerously close to smoochy jazz like the one that I'm listening to, Laura Zakian's version of Billy's Blues. But Bobbie Gentry's Wedding Bell Blues is a perfect snapshot of the era in which it was recorded and brought about a strange feeling of nostalgia for something that wasn't on my radar at all back then.
I've grafted today, and this is the perfect end of the Sunday afternoon listening experience.
Oh yes it is!

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