Sunday, September 01, 2013

Melancholy Mama

Yesterday I took Offsprog Two and a carful (or several carfuls by the time we moved from house to house in Brighton) of stuff to her new student house.
She has dipped intermittently into being at home this summer; but she has still been around a lot.
Being a mum has something of the nature of a piece of elastic about : you stretch from being 'home' to not being so and you have to bless the flying from the nest, while at the same time regretting it.
Spring comes around for one life and autumn comes around for another and the million-towel-a-day daughter has flown off again; another one circles in the firmament, wondering what to do next.
Meanwhile, the freezer always has soup in it, and the beds always have clean duvets.
I must put motherhood in a cupboard for a while, and dust off the academic and musician persona ready for a new term and a new role.

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