Thursday, August 08, 2013

The Punkdaddy's Review of Sunday's Gig at the Prince Albert

Three cheers for the Punkdaddy (aka Phil Byford of Brighton punk band The Lillettes) for creating and maintaining the website for more than ten years. Sadly, some of the Brighton punks are not around any more but everyone's present on this site in glorious technicolour, painstakingly researched and updated by Phil as a labour of love.
He has written a book about the time as well, and I can't wait to read it. I wrote a bit about the Brighton punk scene in The Lost Women of Rock Music but only a bit: Phil has a comprehensive knowledge of the way the whole complicated scene fitted together and has had complete access to bands and memorable figures of the time- as testified by the mass attendance at the site's tenth birthday party at the Prince Albert in 2010.
Phil is also a musician and worked with Dick Damage (a hugely colourful local character who died a couple of years ago); he is just putting the finishing touches on his next album.
His review of Sunday's gig is here: and will no doubt put s smile on the Nightingales' faces as well as mine. Thanks Phil!

Ardent Facebookers may also be interested in Bongo Pete's archive of Brighton photographs from the very early 80s (and some from the very late 70s) here:

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