Tuesday, August 06, 2013

I Am Dusty

Not Springfield: real dust, so much that I have sat down because I'm spreading it about the room. It is Cleaning Day and everything is now more dirty than it started off, for some reason. Maybe osmosis: it's bleeding in from the street as I empty the house of cack.
But now I have found pencils. They are in an exciting tin with a Mickey Mouse visibility wristband, fuse wire, dried up correction fluid, a miniature blue plastic recorder, some one-size-fits all spectacles from Boots, various decaying rubbers and lots of other stuff like that. The pencils are the best discovery because they are Caran D'Ache crayons (lots of white ones) and I have rammed them into the drawing tin which now needs an elastic band to hold it closed. Oh yes... just found one chopstick in there too. Useful.
I've just sent some of these song sheets (which were coloured with Caran D'Ache crayons) up to Martin. The drawing was supposed to appear in black'n'white in The Glastonbury Free Press, printed on a vintage Heidelberg which they moved laboriously into a field. It even had it's own blog- but then it didn't work. We have printed some colour ones and Martin will sell them online, from his site www.daintees.co.uk when both of us have signed them. They are a bit more subtle than this in real life and they are printed on laid paper which has a bit of a texture on it.
Just also been talking to Ian at Damaged Goods and we are hoping that the CD of Helen and the Horns Peel sessions will be out around October time, and there will definitely be a gig or two to promote it.

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