Thursday, August 15, 2013

Gaelic Telly

It's funny that even documentaries in the Highlands seem to be about rural subjects. We are watching a documentary about Nepal with a Gaelic commentary, that could be about any rural Highland community except that the woman has four husbands. I don't think that the Kirk would approve of that.
Today we have been recording guitars and vocals and eating fish and chips in the shadow of a huge rig, in for repairs at the dock. There are two there at the moment and at night they are lit up like a giant fairground with green, red and white lights strung across them. In daylight they are monsters of bolts and thickly painted steel. Enormous chains are wound around huge reels and mysterious bits of machinery lie in serried rows across the concrete flats of the harbour.
Tomorrow, Miriam is going to join us in The Crazy Horse Cafe for an informal song circle afternoon with coffee and cakes. I'm going to record my first cover of one of Martin's songs tomorrow evening before heading back to London town to see if Offsprog Two has been remembering to water the plants in the back yard!

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