Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Blues (The)

Two things have given me the blues this week: the non-return of a carrier bag  containing paperwork, current sketchbook/lyric book and anarcho-punk paperback book which I left on the tube after a marathon stint at clearing last week (who could want these things? I imagine a drunk young chap lobbing them on to the tube rails for a laugh!), and the accidental purchase of Office for PC instead of Mac, which I can't exchange and which cost a bomb.
The delete key has also stopped working on my keyboard which is also extremely annoying.
On the plus side, Amy's coming for tea today and I've made cinnamon scones. And I have located some amazing women to interview for my next research project.
There are some other pluses kicking about the place and I did enjoy the jaunt to the Bluegrass festival yesterday which Jim and Martin would have really enjoyed, I think.
The week is yet young: let's hope the rest of it looks up!

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