Saturday, July 13, 2013


A week on Monday, I will be presenting another academic paper and today-of-all-hot-days is a writing day in preparation.
Most of the information is at my fingertips already but it needs to be edited and structured. It's very book-based and the trembling towers of books are raring to go as soon as the starter pistol bangs.
This research is twofold: part of it involves interviewing women producers and engineers, and the other part is a contextual, historical thread. Both are equally exciting; the interviews are fascinating, and so is the material I have mined from all sorts of sources, some of them considered obsolete (I have been salting away books jettisoned by various libraries for three years, as well as patrolling the free books shop in Barnet High Street).
Three hours a day will do it, starting today and ending on Wednesday; meanwhile I have the Stageit online show tomorrow which will involve a certain amount of tidying the kitchen, which spends more time as a home recording studio and office than a kitchen (although I haven't yet forgotten how to cook, I eat very odd meals because since the Offsprogs left home there is little reason to behave normally).
I am going to play mostly unrecorded songs tomorrow, some of which I have been playing live for a while and one of which I have never played I want to see how they feel all together: are they an album?

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