Monday, July 01, 2013

Pix from Glastonbury Etc

Look at the size of that crowd!!!
That was the Acoustic Tent at Glastonbury on Friday afternoon. Naively perhaps (though I have been to very few festivals) I thought that the Acoustic Tent would be a small white marquee like they have in Miss Marple for the jam competitions at village fetes, with stoned people wandering in and out as the artists played. I was shocked at the size of all the venues, let alone this 'tent' which was about ten times the size of most London venues that people would say were large. the stage was half the length of a station platform! It was run like clockwork- artists unload at one end, up the ramp, ten minutes change over with a five minutes... four minutes... three minutes... thing going on; play set in allotted time, then off the other side, down the ramp, load up van and park. Thank you to Martin for inviting me along and for asking me on stage to sing Charlie Poole's Airship Song. What an honour that was! Later we went along to see Tom Tom Club and they put in a mighty fine set. Big up Tina Weymouth for being a super-cool bass player who puts all the notes in the right places and doesn't waste anything in the process: she has the groove, without a doubt.
Below is June's photo of the soundcheck at the Victoria Hall in settle- sitting eating cake (Victoria Sponge and Chocolate Cake) with Martin's daughter Phoebe and Willie Knox, the amazing Tour Manager who make sure everyone wakes up, gets up, gets out, and gets on with it. Three cheers for Willie and three cheers for The Daintees!

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