Saturday, July 20, 2013

Not For Sale And Go Away

Charmed by a vintage red leather doctor's bag in a vintage and up-cycling  shop in Edinburgh that had my exact initials in it stamped in gold leaf, I asked the owner how much it was. It was on top of a pile of battered brown leather suitcases on top of a wardrobe.
'That's not for sale', he apologised.
Actually, I laughed. How silly to pack a shop with objects that are purely for display!
So I carried on walking. Made thirsty by the late afternoon heat, I turned to enter a cafe to slake my thirst. The way was barred by a huge metal door, aggressively padlocked.
I misread the sign that said Eat In or Take Away. Behind the large maroon-painted door, the paper sign in the window appeared to say 'Go Away'.
So I did.

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