Tuesday, July 16, 2013

Have At Thee, Printer

The printer almost got a bloody nose today. I'd been having a conversation with Offsprog Two about Road Rage and how silly it is. Then I experienced print rage...
Yesterday I interviewed another very inspiring woman producer, this time a woman who was brought up partly in Cameroon and whose brother and sister used to invent electrical sound and light devices using what most people would think of as trash.
This is a wonderful adventure, hearing and documenting the stories. I am also enjoying the theoretical part of it although I have to stop myself from getting carried away. I have spent most of this morning, when not wrestling with the printer, editing in slash'n'burn mode so that the paper is only 6000 words long.
When I'm not writing, little bits of song come bursting through. I have animated the password to one of my email accounts into a song which means I'll have to change the password. I suppose that's what happens when you translate a password into a rhythm.
Somewhere out there it's boiling hot, isn't it? Flying insects think there is a route through this house and I've ejected a wasp, a bee and a bumblebee so far today.
A trio of forlorn Mayflies is circling in the middle of the kitchen but they're not doing any harm so I'll leave them there until they get dizzy.

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