Sunday, May 26, 2013

Shredded Fingers

Headphones clamped to my head, guitar clamped to my body, I have just played and played the same guitar riff over and over again to record a glitch-free version. It's there: well, the sound is there but the feel isn't! How frustrating.
I sang a vocal over the top of it that I know I will -re-record soon with a better microphone.
At the moment I am teaching myself to equalise the sounds that I record to make them sound the way I want them to sound. So not only do I have to play the song correctly (and sing it well) but then I have to work on it to make it sound as good as it can.
And that's after writing the song in the first place.
I can't imagine anything else I would rather be doing today actually even though its warm and sunny outside and the blackbird (I call him Bigbeak, which is the avian equivalent of Bigmouth) is tweetly-twurdling away at the top of next door's tree.
I was hugely inspired by reading about Yoko Ono in The Observer today. I think she's wonderful.
An Australian woman wrote a really nasty comment on a photograph someone took of me singing in Bristol and posted on Facebook, that cut me to the quick.
I wrote to her about it and someone took it down, but it had done its damage.
I started to feel that I should just stay in the house and not go out if I looked the way she said I did.
But Martin talked me out of the dumps :) and then I read Yoko's philosophy, and her feeling that her life is just beginning at 80. Long live Yoko, and I am so sorry that some of the Beatles tried so very hard to spoil her life; and so glad that she is still an artist, and such an articulate one!

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