Sunday, May 19, 2013

Not Intending To Write A Review Of The Borderline Gig

Sorry not to have reviewed Friday's Borderline gig but I am so knackered.
It was a fantastic night and it was interesting to see that Martin can pull such a large crowd even on his own without it officially being a Daintees gig (although John and Kate joined him and the Jims Hornsby and Morrison later on).
Jim Hornsby asked me what they sounded like- difficult to say! A bit like Bill Keith without the double bass and banjo, but with much better songs. Quite floaty, very string band-y.
The audience weren't nearly as noisy as they are when it's a full band and they did a lot of very tuneful singing along- to Little Red Bottle and Crocodile Cryer in particular. The Daves (Cowan, down from Ross-shire to promote his Martin-produced album, and he did a great set; and Sharp, from The Alarm, now a troubadour extraordinaire) joined everyone on stage for Will The Circle Be Unbroken.
I was CD monitor for the night (at my own suggestion) and had some nice chats with people (sorry for not saying goodbye Bev but I got swallowed up by dressing-room-itis) but I was invited up to sing The Airship Song in a tribute to Charlie Poole and it was nice that some people sang along to that as well.
And it was lovely to see Veronique there taking photos again. Soon it will be pelican time, Veronique.
There... I seem to have written a mini-review in spite of myself!

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