Wednesday, May 22, 2013

In the Kitchen with McCookerybook

The kitchen has morphed from an intensive marking depot this morning into a recording studio this afternoon. A broom-handle is doubling as a pop-shield holder (got annoyed at the thought of putting up a mike-stand because I was annoyed at my guitar-playing) and I have just recorded an acoustic demo of an old song which started life as a sound-track for a feminist TV series right at the start of Channel 4 (it was called Pictures of Women). At the time I also wrote 14 acapella jingles, one of which went 'I'm Venus de Milo, a head and a torso, I'm sleeveless and armless and totally harmless....'
Anyway, I wrote lyrics for the instrumental and with Lester Square (Monochrome Set guitarist) and Mike Slocombe (he of added it to a set of songs called Herms which had a series of 24 massive projected drawings and which I did at the Umoja theatre in Camberwell and the Tristan Bates Theatre in the West End amongst other places.
So here it is today, on Spanish guitar, driving me mad because I can't get the 'feel' of the instrumental section right. I need another shot at it, but not today because I have got headphone ears.
But I have learned quite a lot about Logic plug-ins while messing about with it.
I also dreamed up a song for Miriam in the middle of the night last week. I am going to send her a version to see if she likes it; but it involves strumming which is not my strong point.
So for the rest of the afternoon it's strumfest time until beans-on-toast time, which is when the kitchen will finally be used for the purpose for which it was intended.

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