Saturday, May 11, 2013


Yum, yum- Johnny Cash Folsom Prison for breakfast!
How delicious!
Marking moratorium till this avo; whole pile done but lost the marks which were on iPhone for organisational paperless office purposes. Could not retrieve even after downloading special software so had to go back through about ten of them again. Could weep, but not: Johnny Cash too energetic and positive plus reading The Constant Gardener by John Le Carre which is a brilliant book and although I  got it from the free bookshop in Barnet, it's staying on my shelves with me for re-reading.
I found the film not very memorable but the book is!
And can I recommend the film Mud, which is a riveting film. I have been so disappointed by films sometimes (Harry Brown- ugh, something about sisters- boring!) and can't stay the course. I don't mind Tom Cruise but there are so many continuity blips in the films he's in, and I liked Skyfall which was a proper adventure film...
Mud is just a good story, realised in perfect detail and without sentiment, which is odd because parts of the story are very sentimental.
Something quite exciting is happening for our students on Monday which I'll tell you about on Tuesday.

Boom chaka boom chaka boom chaka boom... Johnny's drummer's driving the morning along, his guitarist's chugging and twanging and his multi-layered voice (chocolate cake mixed with a JCB digger with a swarm of bees circling the pile) is bouncing through small-town horrors like there's no tomorrow!
You go boy, Johnny!

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