Saturday, May 25, 2013


I am working on a paper for a conference in Leicester in June, developing the paper that I presented at the Riot Grrl Symposium at the University of Limerick and, I hope, making it suitable for publication.
While upping the academic content, what often happens is an increase in connections between one author, interviewee, political event, and another. This is happening a little bit- but more so between this paper and another, much longer piece of research that I am doing.
It is interesting delving into a book in depth. I have been re-reading Lucy Green's Music, Gender, Education, and it's like a different book because I am reading it for different reasons (I first read it 10 years ago for my PhD and referenced it a bit in The Lost Women of Rock Music).
Early morning brain is good for reading academic books and after reading parts yesterday and parts today, I have had to order two more books- by Paul Gilroy and Susan McClary- to make sure I look at things from every perspective possible.
Its one o'clock and I am drained by the morning's reading and writing: I would like to do some recording this afternoon and perhaps I need to go for a walk to revert to humanoid (or guitarmanaut) rather than academicoid form.
Yes, that's what I'll do.

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