Monday, April 22, 2013

The Boogaloo

Tonight at the Boogaloo, nanosteps away from Highgate Tube, Acton Bell and myself present a night of Jeffersongs- Airplane, Starship and Slick, with Trees and the Slipway, Martin Stephenson, The Magnetic Mind, Guy Harries, the Home Office and Portia Winters.
I feel hugely proud of our line-up- what a variety of guitar pop, electronica, psychedelia, folkwhatsit and more!
We are putting names in a hat for performance times so come early- it starts at 8 on the dot and Acton Bell and myself will be kicking the evening off.
£3 to get in.
Wear your flares!
I haven't got any any more, but I'll be wearing both my flares (half mast) and my stars'n'stripes clogs (which I bought form a small ad in the back of Sounds), in my head.
Peace and love, man!


buster said...

Inside or on the roof concert ?

Monty said...

I'm sorry but i couldn't attend!