Sunday, April 14, 2013

Small-Town Adventure

Printing out the paper for the conference in Limerick took me on a small adventure yesterday. I had already emailed my air ticket to Martin is Scotland, which he kindly printed out and posted back to me.
Snappy Snaps offered to charge me £14.00 but I scooted through the rain round to the library where I re-registered (I lost my card a while ago) and printed it out from one of their computers for the princely sum of £1.70.
Meanwhile, can anyone recommend a non-Epson printer that works with a Mac? This one's going back to Ryman's for the second time and I won't even get a refund as it's out of guarantee now. But I don't want it in my house any more giving me grief!
There are more adventures than this happening in Barnet at the moment but when I write about what is happening, I will have to choose my words very carefully- so not yet.

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