Saturday, April 13, 2013


The Deborah Orr article in today's Guardian was disturbing. The former Prime Minister whose funeral is happening next week did nothing for women (alongside all the other people she did nothing for, which is a deliberate understatement, if you get my drift).
There is an argument that asks 'Why should a woman help other women to get on in life?' which is a long debate and not the subject of today's posting (and the answer is usually somewhere along the lines of 'because it is too difficult and saps the energy that needs to be used for defending her own position').
The fact about the former Prime Minister that should be considered is that she brought in legislation that made it more difficult for women to achieve anything outside the home.
For approximately 1 pence (and if you use the tax-avoiding beast) Amazon Marketplace will sell you a book by Wendy Webster called Not A Man To Match Her.
My copy has, I think, been spirited away by an Offsprog. It's an entertaining and horrific book in equal measure and gives a useful perspective on the (insert appropriate words according to political leaning); ******* *****.

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