Tuesday, March 19, 2013

The Face That Launched A Thousand Books

Today I went to the third book launch I've been to this year. It's only March and last year I didn't get invited to any book launches, so this is rather extraordinary to say the least.
This one was held at the 100 Club in Oxford Street and was the launch of Simon Frith (et al)'s  'The History of Live Music in the UK, Volume 1: 1950-1961 (Ashgate). Simon Frithnis an extremely accessible academic writer, probably because he used to be a rock journalist, and has championed research on the live music industry for many years from his eyrie in Edinburgh. This is an expensive book, but it's bound to appear in paperback soon, and I know it will be good.
There was a live jazz band swinging its way through lunchtime and an audience made up of academics, journalists and promoters, many of whom had been interviewed for the book. My PhD supervisor, the author Dave Laing, was there, and Stevie Wonder's tour manager Keith Harris. I talked to a venue promoter from Sheffield and his partner who was the official photographer for the event, and we hovered at the bar eating sandwiches and dropping bits of them on to the floor.
Simon Frith was delighted to stand on the stage at the club, he said, having never had the chance to perform there himself.
I haven't either, which is funny because at one time or another I think I have played at most of the mid-sized live venues in London, which seems an odd thought, sitting as I am watching Midsomer Murders with a cup of tea in my slippers.


Anonymous said...

I did that once, too. You have to be careful to remember to remove it before you put them on.

Helen McCookerybook said...

Ah Anonymous, at least I wear my grammatical errors with pride with my name at the head of my blog, and I shall leave the error unchanged to expose your bout of mild trolling!