Friday, March 15, 2013


I haven't been posting as regularly as normal after spending the whole of February in bed with a virus, getting out for a gig and the occasional lecture and tutorial before heading back there to sleep for hours. When you get better from these things there is always half a ton of stuff to catch up on and a new sea of post-it notes has appeared on the table, some crumpled from lengthy stays in pockets.
We did a song-writing workshop at the University of the East yesterday and wrote a lovely song about a notebook that turned out to be a metaphor for someone's life. Looking at the sea of post-it notes, I can see how this works.
We sang in unison in a little enclave of creativity, walled in by pianos and drum kits and stacks of utility chairs, processing life's tensions and upsets and making something beautiful out of them.
No matter how disappointing everyday concerns can be, it is worth remembering just how powerful the  imagination can be when it's articulated by a little group of people playing musical instruments and singing.
Long live songs!

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