Thursday, March 07, 2013

'It's Different for Girls'

Many thanks to Richard Cundill for sending me this book (and apologies for the poor photograph: I tend to do blog postings on the fly and I'm visiting students on work placements at the moment, all over London, so everything is double-quick).
It looks to be a fascinating history of the group, told by two of its members, and after I've read it I'll let you know more about it. The more histories like this that make it into print the better.
I'm reading The Resisting Muse: Popular Music and Social Protest (edited by Ian Peddie) before I can get my teeth into "It's Different for Girls" because I'm lecturing on censorship next week.
I have just had an idea for a children's book too, after talking to Wilky on Monday evening. How I wish I had more time to do creative stuff!
Tomorrow is set aside for recording; I have built up a stock of guitar tracks and I plan to record a brand new song tomorrow.
Then I have to learn Volunteers by Jefferson Airplane, for the Jefferson Airplane/Starship night I'm hosting with Acton Bell in April. It will be a fab night!

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