Sunday, February 17, 2013


Hotels are complex ant-hills. In this one, we asked to be moved after being parked in a room next to a pack of laughing hyaenas who arrived back sloshed at 7 a.m. and roared through the corridors yelping and howling.
The toilets gurgle and heave when you flush them and the sink drains cluck and chuckle randomly for half an hour for no reason.
Our room service dinner gave us mild food poisoning but not bad enough to complain about and the entire hotel shakes every time a train enters or leavs Newcastle Central Station.
I love Newcastle; the surface has been scrubbed and EU money has given it new things but it is a stubborn beast of a city.
I'm taking the flu home today but it's been nice to be ill somewhere different. Martin has been writing ska songs on his laptop (very good ones) and he is off to the studio again later today.

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